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 JAGS Regular Green Tea 250 Grm
Rs 175.00

Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years,..

JAGS Aam Papad Khatta 200 Grms
Rs 165.00

Aam Papad, a sun dried Indian fruit leather , is made by mixin..

JAGS Amritsari Papad Plain 250 Grms
Rs 130.00

JAGS Amritsari Papad can be best described as a type of tortilla, wafe..

JAGS CTC Dhamaka Tea 250 Grms
Rs 80.00

CTC Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boili..

JAGS CTC Premium Tea 250 Grm
Rs 110.00

William McKercher invented CTC during 1..

JAGS Darjeeling Tea 200 Grms
Rs 1,495.00

Darjeeling Tea occupies a place of pride for the whole of Indi..

JAGS GOLD CTC Premium Tea 200 Grms
Rs 195.00

It’s the finest selection and a rich blend from the lush green..

JAGS Gold Extra Long Grain 1 KG
Rs 155.00

It is hard to miss the amazing aroma of JAGS Basmati Rice fro..

JAGS Green tea 100 gm
Rs 185.00

JAGS Special  Green Tea helps in weight loss,healthy skin tone,prevents cavities,bad ..

JAGS Kashmiri Kahwah Tea 100 Grms
Rs 185.00

Kahwah is a traditional green tea preparation consumed in Afg..

JAGS Pure Honey  220 Grms
Rs 225.00

  It’s the finest selection and a rich blend from the lush gre..

JAGS Saffron Tea Instant Mix 100gm
Rs 225.00

Saffron is one of the worlds most expensive spice, tastes sweet & earthy.JAGS Saffron tea(Instan..

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The Mission of JAGS is to be one of the World’s largest leader in the FMCG sector. We promise to deliver what we perceive so as to create a benchmark in the industry on a global platform by delivering premium and class apart quality products keeping in mind our Symbol of Purity. To become a global leader is our goal. This will be achieved by providing the best and premium quality products to one & all. Our consumers trust & belief on us will take us a long way towards our mission by not compromising on the quality of our products. Our products pricing, range & nature along with the quality is the main priority for us. To be a brand leader, our business has to see the interests of all our consumers & also the channel partners like distributors, retailers, etc. because our growth depends on them all. To achieve all this & maintaining a distinction level in the FMCG market, we need to draw repeat & new consumers day after day. Also upholding fair practices & policies for our staff & to ensure, as a good corporate, safe, clean & hazard free work place to work in remains on the top. By maintaining all the above objectives, we will be assured of a fair profit which will allow us to contribute towards the society & all those who depend on the company and of course be a small step towards taking the larger steps for JAGS being a world class organisation.


JAGS actually means Joining A Global System. The vision of the company is to create a benchmark name in quality products on a world-wide basis keeping the roots of Indian-ness intact. To maintain a level of Quality products &customer satisfaction is the highest priority. Our vision focuses on building trust with satisfied customers from all categories by delivering quality products with a visible generation erected on repeated purchases of our products which are premium quality. The products are produced, with keeping in mind, the taste & blend of India but made sure they are liked all over.We follow our vision in everything we do. We don’t want to be known as someone who sell food products – we want to be known as one who fulfills the need of hunger of quality products. For us a new day is a new opportunity to bring health into future lives. When we are able to satisfy our customers, then only can we satisfy our other stakeholders who are our channel partners like stockists, distributors & retailers, etc.As we grow so shall our responsibilities. The belief about the power of our brand in improving the quality of life of people all around helps us move forward. To move ahead & to go further we have to stay focussed on our vision. Our founder believes in fulfilling the promises given & so is always on the lookout for newer possibilities to bring well-being into people’s lives. His commitment is to promote a brand which is beyond any boundaries & to give the best to his consumers. And this is where our success starts. With his passion, humility, integrity & simplicity with an eye on succeeding, he has created an environment where new ideas bloom, people thrive & success blossoms.With the eye on quality, rather than quantity, JAGS believes in providing the best to its consumers. Having made a niche for itself in a short span of time inthe domestic market, the Vision is to be a global leader where we are known by our name & quality products.

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