We are committed for seller delightment. our mission is to make our reach to every part of india from urban to rural deliver every single product which customer want or wish to have and a seller want to sell but because of the limited resources they are not able to it. we will make it easy and convenient for you.

Our pricing structure is very simple and reasonable. We charge a small amount of commission on the products you sell at Maandii.

Maandii Pricing

Settlement Amount Break-up

Selling Price

Selling Commission

Fix Closing Fee

Shipping Fee

Service Tax

Final Payout

Settlement Amount Calculation (example)

Product Price  AMOUNT (RS.)
Selling Price (decided by you) 1000
Selling Commission (varies across products) 100 (assuming 10%)
Payment Collection Charges 24 (2.4%)
Shipping Fee (Local) 20
Fixed closing Fee 10
Total Marketplace Fee 154
Service Tax (15% of Marketplace Fee including Swachh Bharat and Krishi Kalyan cess) 23.1
Total deductions 177.1
Settlement Value 822.9

Maandii Shipping Commercials

Package Weight Maandii Shipping commercials
Zone – A Zone – B Zone - C Zone – D Zone – E
Within-city Within region  Metro to Metro Rest of India  North & East
  (500kms)     Guwhati  , Imphala , Shimla And J&K
Up to 500gm Rs. 30 Rs. 35 Rs. 43 Rs. 52 Rs. 57
Additional 500gm or part thereof Rs. 27 Rs. 32 Rs. 37 Rs. 42 Rs. 48
TO (every 500 gms) Rs. 27 Rs. 32 Rs. 37 Rs. 42 Rs. 48
Minimum Freight 0.5 kg 0.5 kg 0.5 kg 0.5 kg 0.5 kg
COD charges Rs. 50 or 2% of value, whichever is higher
Fuel Surcharge 25%

Definition of regions

  • Within-city- Shipments having same pickup and delivery location .
  • Within Region – Shipments which are connected through overnight surface mode ( Train / Trucks) - For e.g. Bangalore to Chennai and Mysore or Delhi to Jaipur or Mumbai to Pune. These are in 500km range of the origin city.
  • Metro to Metro – Shipments connected between the metros which are not in the same region – express delivery via air. 

  • Rest of India – Shipments in all other cities which are connected through air to the nearest airport and then from there through surface to the destination. For e.g. Delhi to Pondicherry (via Chennai) or Bangalore to Jaipur (via Delhi).
  • North & East – Shipments in all other cities which are connected through air train to east india and north hilly areas etc. .

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